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HII is currently working and supporting affected communities including civil society organizations in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Gambia.

















Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone we are providing Technical and funding Support on TB, HIV and Malaria to the following organizations:

Conscience International (CI-SL)

Civil Society Movement Against Tuberculosis Sierra Leone (CISMAT-SL)

Medical IMPACT Sierra Leone (MISL)


HII is supporting the above-named organizations to roll out and implement Youth and Adolecent Health Programme in Learning Institutions (YAHPLI) and Community Based Monitoring and Feedback (CBMF)


















HII has been working with Conscience International Gambia to set up Community Based Monitoring platforms across the country. The organization provided Technical Support to develop the data collection tools and provided funds to roll out the implementation of the Community Based Monitoring data tools
















HII has been working with Stop Aids Liberia (SAIL) to set up Maternal and Child Health Platform (MaCHP). This is to strengthen service delivery in providing Maternal and Child Health services in health facilities. We provided technical support to develop tools and funding to roll out tools in health facilities.



Health IMPACT International-HII was founded on the basis of delivering IMPACT which the founders called theory of change as explained below



Influencing Innovations: Through innovations, the organization believes that with new ideas, thoughts and imaginations, the global health land scape will be transformed by working with diverse individuals including scientists, doctors, researchers, and ITC to improve and strengthening health care system and service delivery of health services effectively and efficiently as, more lives will be saved quicker and on time



Monitoring for Measuring impact: The organization value the resources, time and energy donors, partners and beneficiaries have put into the organization’s work thus, we always and at all-times aim to deliver impact and more so, the organization believed in social accountability to its donors, partners and beneficiary. HII works and supports communities including Civil Society and other partners to establish and strengthen Community Based Monitoring Platforms/Hubs in order to monitor and evaluate our work and activities. The Organization train, equip them with skills and tools to measure whether we are creating impact or not.



Partnernership for People and Patient centered approach: Partnerships building has been the building blocks to the growth of Health IMPACT international-HII. The organization believed in partnerships that put people at the center of healthcare delivery system thus, we believed in the principles of people centered approaches, which is why we work with people or community affected by the disease such as HIV, TB and Malaria. We work and support them to lead their own programmes and projects



Advancement of 3As which means Accessibility, Availability and Affordability of quality health care delivery services: HII promote and support policy advocacy and health campaigns for accessibility, availability and affordability of quality health care services including drugs



The organization is concerned that people have lost trust on health care delivery system due to the fact that they will go to health facility and returned home heart broken due to drugs unavailability, unaffordability and inaccessibility.


Millions of lives have been lost because people are not reached to access health care services as location of health facility are far way from where the people live however, when the drugs are accessible, available and affordable to people unfortunately, the health system deliver low quality of health services as this sometimes cause side effect to the patients



Caring for Challenging Community: The organization cares for the needy, excluded, marginalized and underserved especially communities or groups that are having challenges and facing barriers in accessing health services. We believed that healthcare services should be universally accessible by everyone and that no one should suffer financial burden to access health services



Transforming Health care Systems and Community responses for a better Today and Tomorrow: The organization is striving for a transformed global health care system and a community response that recognize human rights and the right to health including gender, equality and Sexual Reproductive Health Rights. The organization is concern about the future of women, girls, children, youth and adolescents thus, envisioned an empowered and healthy society


The global strategic plan of the organization will be built based on the theory of change above.


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