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Maternal and Child Health


HII partner and work with communities including Health Care Workers, District Health Management Team and CSOs to support the reduction of deaths in children and pregnant women and prevent mother to child transmission of disease especially HIV, TB and Malaria


Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights

HIIempower and support youths and adolescents including women and girls on access to information on prevention of HIV, Malaria and TB including family planning



We support and work with partners to build platforms and forums for youths and adolescents to access information on family planning, prevention of HIV, TB and Malaria and that build their capacity to serve as ambassadors to influence their colleagues on SRHR related issues



Community Health Systems and Responses

HIIwork and partner with communities including key affected population organizations by building capacity and equip them with skills to strengthening response to HIV, Tuberculosis, Malaria and ARM related issues. We empower them with tools and skills to be able to reach, educate and link people especially neglected, marginalized or criminalized, to health services and along the entire prevention and treatment continuum



Resilient System for Sustainable Health

HII promotes community system strengthening approaches by supporting community led -structures and mechanisms used through which community members and community-based organizations and groups interact, coordinate and deliver health responses to the challenges and needs affecting their communities. For Example, we equip and empower communities including KAPs and CSOs with skills and tools to conduct Community Based Monitoring on social accountability in order to enhance effective delivery of health care services



Research and Development

HII advances evidence-based campaign using research and development. We partner with communities including Civil Society organizations to conduct research and assessment including monitoring and evaluation. We empower communities and CSOs with knowledge and skills including tools to conduct research related activities such as surveys, assessment and community Based Monitoring on how to strengthen health care delivery systems


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